It’s not morning and it’s not a breakfast but the first meal you’ll share as a married couple is called the ‘wedding breakfast’ regardless of the time of the day.

The reason for this lies in the traditions from past times when couples would have fasted from midnight before the wedding day and once married, the priest would bless the first meal taken. Although variations on this tradition are retained by some religions, it’s usually limited to the bride and groom.

At the Old Manor Hotel, you can choose from our expertly planned range of delicious menus, or if you prefer we can work with you to help create your own special wedding menu.


We have a range of menu options to suit your budget. To whet your appetite, take a look at some example dishes we are able to offer. Your guests can have a choice of dishes so that everyone is happy – all we ask is that you confirm your chosen options 28 days before your wedding date.


Both of our wedding suites can hold up to 120 wedding guests, including evening guests, for a light buffet. A more formal wedding breakfast for a maximum of 80 guests can also be held in either of our suites, with your menu chosen from our range of dishes or combined with your own ideas.


You can work with our wedding coordinator to plan the layout of the tables to best accommodate your guests, and make the best use of the space available.  There are various table plans and layouts we regularly suggest, from round tables of 8-10 to the traditional arrangement of the top table and sprigs which tends to suit a larger party better.


You should consider how you would like to serve your food. There are numerous options: the traditional sit-down, waiter-served meal, a buffet meal or you could even consider a High Tea? We’re always happy to accommodate your requests whenever possible. We find a buffet usually works for more relaxed weddings, whereas a three-course meal will provide a greater sense of occasion.

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